Phone call links benghazi (more here) attack to al qaeda commander

Phone call links benghazi attack to al qaeda commander

Two sources with high level access to western mind services have told cnn the call was made to a senior figure in al qaeda in the islamic maghreb, or to aqim.Ambassador chris stevens and three other vacationers were killed, but the sources say that is the assumption among those with understanding of the call.

One of the sources says the letter was discovered when a western intelligence service trawled through intercepts of communications made in the wake of the attack.That source told cnn that the call was made completely to moktar belmoktar, leader of an al qaeda faction based in upper mali.

Cia officials told cnn they had no reply to whether any call had been intercepted.Mind officials had about who was involved.

Critics say initial managing comments did not reflect the true intelligence about the incident, and were an attempt by the white house to avoid tying it to terrorism.

On from tuesday, sens.Task in benghazi.

A couple of months later, that unit carried deals on pandora charms uk out the attack on the in amenas gas facility in southern algeria in which 33 foreign workers were killed.The group traveled through southern libya enroute to the plant, based on counterterrorism officials.

Chadian administrators say that belmoktar himself is now dead, killed saturday as french and chadian special forces broken the remote adrar des ifoghas mountain range in northeastern mali.

But french defense minister Pandora Enamel Beads jean yves le drian said monday there was no verification that either belmoktar or another senior figure in aqim, almos zeid, had been killed during in france they campaign against islamist hideouts in northern mali.

Have no evidence of the deaths of those two men, le drian mentioned.

Nor is there proof that belmoktar directed or was mixed up in benghazi attack.His group never claimed any job for it.And libyan officials suggested that members of al qaeda in the islamic maghreb appeared to be involved, without that supply details.Intelligence had intercepted calls between elements of aqim and ansar al sharia, a group widely blamed for playing golf a part in the attack.

On sept 19 matthew olsen, director of the nation's counterterrorism center, told a congressional panel:Are looking at indications that searchers involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda or al qaeda affiliates;Essentially, al qaeda in islamic maghreb.In december, age bracket.Africa tell it to, said it was likely that some of the terrorists who took part in the attack in benghazi have at least some linkages to aqim.Is not saying that it was aqim which planned, or organized or led the activity but clearly some of the people had some linkages, he was quoted saying.

Once the benghazi attack, belmoktar was allayed of his position as emir of the sahel and a deputy leader of al qaeda in the islamic maghreb.The group all-Around leader, abdelmalek droukdel, generally seems to have lost patience with belmoktar kidnapping of westerners, which are reputed to have netted into the millions dollars.

An itemized decree demoting belmoktar was taken to gao, state in northern mali where belmoktar was based, and look out to the jihadist ranks there.

Some counterterrorism experts believe that droukdel suspected belmoktar of a role in the benghazi attack and was anxious that such Pandora Beads UK a high profile operation would promote a severe backlash from american, setting back aqim efforts set up a foothold in mali and libya.

Belmoktar was one of several leading militants based in mali who spent time in libya a direct consequence of moammar gadhafi overthrow, developing encounters with militant islamist brigades and buying weapons with the proceeds of smuggling and kidnapping operations.

According to sources in direct contact with western learning ability agencies, belmoktar was at libya for four months from december 2011.They say his visit was helped by the leader of a radical islamist militia with influence in benghazi and the east.

Using the sources, he met a libyan veteran of jihad in afghanistan who had set up camps near sabha in southern libya providing practicing jihadists from algeria, the other agents, mauritania and mali and in some cases libyans and ethnic tuaregs.Western intelligence officials believe the camps might have been used by those who attacked the in amenas gas facility in january, in line with the sources.

Across north africa and as china as syria, counterterrorism agencies are visiting a fluid movement of fighters, weapons and tools among jihadist groups.

The new york times reported in january that several of the militants mixed up in algerian attack had also been in benghazi in september, citing a senior algerian normal.The official said a number of militants captured had described the egyptians role in both assaults, based on the times.

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Pirate bay launches its own web browser to Pandora Jewelry skirt internet censorship

Pirate bay launches its own web browser to skirt internet censorship

As the web grows older, more countries are putting disadvantages on certain activities.Some areas of the universe are completely shut off from entire chunks of the web.Because of combat this, the pirate bay has brought out the pirate browser, a custom browser that aims to circumvent internet censorship.

As opposed to a single program, the pirate browser is a lot of money;It provides a customized version of the firefox portable browser, a tor clients, on top of that foxyproxy, which is a firefox add on that simplifies this process by which a computer connects to a proxy.

Unlike website tor, the pirate browser isn designed to provide complete anonymity.Rather, it aims to get around censorship across the globe very much using the torrent site mantra.To put it differently, if you have access to the pirate bay where you live, the browser is going to be simple way to do so.

Easily, the pirate browser doesn seem all too distinct from the tor browser.Upon marketing, it even loads up the vidalia user interface.Other popular bitbit-.Torrent sites, regarding h33t, also make a physique.

Tpb internet web visitor doesn hide your ip address(The tor cell phone does), So you aren doing Cheap Pandora Charms Canada any incognito browsing.This isn one particular trick perpetrated by the pirate bay the team stated that this browser is for skirting censorship rather than feeling safe about doing shady(Shadier than finding piracy sites, in any case)Conditions.

The pirate browser is also using the regular stable version of firefox, whereas the tor browser is while using extended support release of firefox.The actual, it appears the tor browser bundle would be your better choice of browser, in that you at least be Cheap Pandora Charms unseen while accessing torrent sites.

This anti censorship browser is only the beginning for the pirate bay browser ambitions.The team is also working with a bittorrent based browser that can store and distribute websites, that mean sites could exist without a public location.

There is only a windows version of the browser nowadays, and setup is as easy as obtaining, clicking an icon in order to, then right-Mouse pointer another icon to run the browser.A mac and linux version are click here to see more info as you go, with the only schedule being read:The mpaa and riaa can buy the pirate bay

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Alex morgan becoming america's darling working london

When alex morgan scored what was the game winning goal over japan in last summer's world cup, she had ostensibly had her classic breakout moment.Instantly though, japan tied the game and emerged victorious in penalty kicks.Morgan, while certainly remaining in media forefront with her tv good looks, didn't leave belgium as a hero or icon.Women into one of their most crucial soccer Air Jordan 4 games ever.Still, the 4 3 extra time win was only perhaps the magic;Morgan's rise as the new face of women's soccer is additional.

While goalie hope solo and striker abby wambach remain two of the most decorated gamers, it is the fast ascending morgan one of team usa's youngest players who may end up being its most recognizable after her 123rd minute striking header against canada.Women's country specific team, has left the us citizens with a dream rematch against japan in the olympic final.

Such a statement terribly important to observe when we consider that morgan has been scoring goals for a very, while.She has only been a person in the women's national team since 2010, but her meteoric rise together with soccer ranks has been a long one.After a marvelous career at the university of california, berkeley, she was selected first overall in the 2011 women's top notch soccer draft, where she has since centered.

In thursday's gold honor game, morgan will be called upon to provide in america with her normal dose of magic jordans for sale on the pitch.That should not be an issue.Morgan has likely been eyeing this situation her entire life.She told usa presently: "I watched the olympics when i was a little lady.Our time in a bunch of states, and i was the only ones who woke up to watch the match.And at the time i knew, i'm just going to on this team next olympics,

Some of america's Air Jordan 11 darkest times have been and then its brightest.

Properly as, read my huffpost sports blog, the schultz insist, for a fresh and daily outlook on as much as possible olympics and listen to my radio spot on 1280 the zone friday afternoons (free next day in-store delivery.) at 1 et.Besides, listen in at 8:30am ET thurs.Mornings on memphis 56 sports radio, there.

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Finals Prom Dresses tonight at club Prom Dresses: sugar

Watch rob become victoria.For those of us needing a glamorous dose of drag while rupaul's drag race is on hiatus, or for those of us who are still recovering Cheap Homecoming Dresses uk from the shock of tyra being crowned last season's winner(Everyone knows that raven should have won), there's a fierce and fabulous drag competition at Miami's Club Sugar.Drag wars, hosted by the infinitely marvelous victoria sky(Aka rob sky), showcases Miami's best drag queens every Thursday night.Tonight, witness the drag wars' semifinals, when potential divas compete for a $100 prize and a chance to compete in the grand finals in november for $1, 000 cash.

When it comes to drag wars, sky says to expect the unexpected. "I usually open the show with a song, and in between contestants i'll interact with the audience and make jokes.No topic is offlimits for me.The show is not for the faint of heart. "

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